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picked the guitar up in 1958 at 13 years old.   Mike's highlights in 2008,
are his newly formed band, (very proud of them), their CD release and
playing at the Len Rainey show with Joe Pitts and David Bishop.   
MIKE DOLLINS, Guitar Site on line magazine 2003
Raised in a multicultural, ethically diverse post World War II, San Diego neighborhood built for quick housing
relief during the war named Linda Vista. Grew up with all the baby boomers that reached puberty listening to
Chuck Berry, Coasters, Drifters, Elvis and Bill Doggett. Quickly favored R&B and Soul music over top 40
bubble gum songs. Picked up the guitar somewhere around 1958 at 13 years old.

Started playing pop music, (now R&B classics), in high school dance bands during the sixties. In 1963
entered the United States Air Force, and took his guitar, Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar book and five record
· Bobby Bland's "Here's The Man,"
· James Brown's "Live at the Apollo Theater,"
· Ray Charles' "Greatest Hits,"
· Freddy King's, "Hideaway,"
· B.B.King's "My Kind of Blues."

Formed the Fabulous "Jades" while in the Air Force with the superb talents of Big John Johnson, Leroy
Johnson, TC Webb, Leslie Burnside, Nevilles and Don Grady. Was exposed to Hard Bop, and bought his
first jazz album in the USAF, Miles Davis' "Seven Steps To Heaven." This addicted him to Hard Bop for a
lifetime. Jimmy Smith and Kenny Burrell's, "Blue Bash" best-loved album. Favorite jazz tunes: "All Blues" by
Miles' crew, and "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver.
Returned to California, and his hometown of San Diego, in 1967, and started playing in pop bands touring
around California. Formed the Irvine "Big Daddy" Rucker, Blues Band writing songs, and recording. Michael
maintains the largest record & tape collection of late blues legend Big Daddy Rucker. Spent the remainder
of the seventies writing, sitting-in with other groups and at backyard barbecue jam sessions. (Real Garage
Band Stuff)
Started "Cruizin," an Oldies but Goodies band, with Victor Marquez during the early eighties, and brought
back classic Rhythm & Blues songs. Finished off the eighties in the King Biscuit Blues Band with blues harp
king, Ken Schoppmeyer. Created Bostonia Music (ASCAP), recording and producing. Established a guitar
shop called "The Music Store." Guest appeared on local Radio Stations. Produced the publication, "Strictly
Nothing But The Blues" during the late eighties and early nineties, while writing for other jazz & blues
publications. Formulated, "Blues Guitar Chord," manual, which is still in publication.
In the mid-nineties Started playing in coffeehouses, and sitting in with different groups. Invited as the
guitarist for the Gospel singing group, "The Brothers Of Praise," co-writing, arranging and producing their
first CD entitled, "Are You Ready." From 1997 to 2001, Michael played locally, but has mostly concentrated
on writing, arranging and recording in his computer based digital studio. His first CD was titled; Jazz, Rhythm
& Blues.
Major influence icons: BB King, Kenny Burrell, Freddy King, Wes Montgomery, Albert King, Wayne Bennett,
Billy Butler, Oscar Moore and Otis Rush. Current favorite picker is Chirs Cain with Blind Pig Records.
Favorite Jazzmen: Donald Byrd, Oscar Peterson, Jimmy Smith, Lee Morgan and Horace Silver. Favorite
Gospel Groups: Gospel Hummingbirds & Jackson Southernaires. Favorite blues tunes: Stormy Monday and
Driftin' Blues, by Bobby Bland. Favorite Album, BB King, "Live At The Regal." Favorite jam, "Blue Train" by
John Coltrane.
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                                    Michael Orman Dollins - Short Biography (Printable)
Personal Information

    Named after the Archangel, and my uncle killed in WWII at the Battle of Layte.

    Only son to Eva and Marlin Dollins, from Little Rock, Arkansas

    Born on November 12, 1945, and raised in San Diego, California.

    Spent my summers on my uncle’s farms in Arkansas.

    Education & Military

    ROTC 1960
    United States Air Force 1963-1969

    Kearny High School class of 1963
    Grossmont College class of 1972 - Business Major

    Marriage & Family

    Married Twice, and now a confirmed, dedicated bachlor.

    Two children
    Michelynne LaVonne Dollins & Michael Clay Dollins,

    Six Grandkids:
    Brittaney, Hannah, Dominique, Maclaya, Lyric and Isis.

    Thirty-five year career at San Diego Gas & Electric, now Sempra Energy.  Retired as a Project Manager for major accounts, and
    electrical inspection and contract section.  

    Career & Accomplishments

    Certified or Certificates of Proficiency:  Computers, Electrical Inspection, Instructor, Supervisor, National Electrical Code –
    Building Inspector, Asbestos certified and Certified Welder.

    Industrial Instructor 1972-1976

    Authored SDG&E Inspector Manual and Training Procedures.

    Prolific writer, and published in thousands of electronic and printed medias worldwide.  

    Professional Musician starting in 1958 at 13 years old.

    Blues Hall of Fame Inductee 2003


    Boating, Fishing, Guitar Repair and Restoration, Computers, Tools and Hardware, Craftsmen Activities.

    Current Status

    Retired from corporate employee status.  Focus on family, music and writing.  

    Publisher of “Blues Guitar News.”  www.bluesguitarnews.com

    Mike Dollins

    Legal Name: Michael Orman Dollins
    Nick Names: Mike & Whiskerfish
    Born in San Diego, CA on November 12th, 1945
    Irish, Dutch-Jew, English and Choctaw  
    Favorite expression, “Nah I ain’t mad. I’m Irish, everyone will know when I’m mad.”
    United States Air Force, 1963 to 1969 - Honorable Discharge
    Education and Professional Accomplishments:
  •        Education:
  •        Grossmont College, La Mesa, CA  70’s
  •        San Diego State College (SDSU now) 70’s
  •        Published:  “Quick list”
  •        San Diego Union Tribune
  •        Los Angeles Times
  •        Jazz Link Magazine
  •        Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  •        Mix Magazine
  •        Too many guitar magazines to list.
  •        San Diego Reader “Home of the cartoon Simpson’s”
  •        San Diego Troubadour
  •        College papers and local periodicals - Plus hundreds of blogs and ezine news sites.

    Personal Status:
    A confirmed bachlor, after two failed marriages.  Takes two to Tango, you know.
    Raised two children, two-step children and helped out with a lot of cousins too.
    6 Grand kids, and loves the title Grandpa, and they all love him.
    Education and Training:
    Moderate average intelligence with college, and advanced business technical studies: Computer, instructor, managerial
    skills, organizational structuring, business strategies, project management, and negotiations with collective bargain units.
    Extensive training courses on numerous subjects in business, computers, human relations, construction practices and
    electrical inspection and safety processes.
    Retired from a managerial position after a 35-year career in a fortune 300 energy corporation.  Full career in the corporation
    from1968 to retirement in 2003.
    Vocational & Technical:
  • ·        USAF Police Academy Trained
  • ·        Weapons Trained
  • ·        California certified welder
  • ·        Electric & Gas Utility Labor, Welder, Foreman and General Foreman.
  • ·        Certified Electrical Inspector.  National Electric Code certified electric inspector.
  • ·        Electrical Project Manager for major clients and corporation projects; San Diego Zoo, Sea World, San Diego   
            Lindberg International Airport, Balboa Park, San Diego Padres, two Super Bowls, San Diego Chargers etc,
  • ·        Safety Ambassador and spokesman
  • ·        Instructor Certified – Numerous industrial skill sets taught.
  • ·        Expert Witness; Labor relations, gas  electric construction, safety and accident investigation.
  • ·        Red Cross certified; life saving, CPR and swimming instructor.
  • ·        Certified in Asbestos handling, storage and safety
  • ·        Technical Manual writer: Gas and Electric Utility Inspection, Construction, Safety and Operations.
  • ·        President of the Blues Hall of Fame, Arkansas Chapter
  •         Blues Guitar Player. Type in Mike Dollins, and goggle the thousands of sites Mike is on. www.mikedollins.biz
  • ·        Bandleader, composer, arranger, record producer, songwriter and computer based music soundtracks.  Three top
            chart blues and jazz CD’s worldwide in Indie Underground music.
  • ·        Publisher, “Strictly Nothing But The Blues.”  1980 to 1991
  • ·        On Line Ezine, “Blues Guitar News.”  1999 to 2012
  • ·        Author – Two books, and one in the finishing stages.
  • ·        Staff Writer, Jazz Link Magazine 1989 – 1991
  • ·        Screen Writer, unpublished
  • ·        Inducted into the National Heritage Foundation Blues Hall of Fame in 2003
  • ·        Honored as the Blues Ambassador to Arkansas by the National Heritage Foundation in 2005
  • ·        Member of the Ozark Blues Society, Arkansas River Blues Society, and Spa City Blues Society.
  • ·        Published monthly in the “Voices” section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from 2005 to 2008.
  • ·        Loves to fish on the Arkansas River in his Bass Tracker boat.
  • ·        Built houses, owned a music store, recording studio, record label, speaker cabinet manufacturing company, custom   
                         guitar shop and played the blues all over the United States for over 50 years in bands.