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A new, progressive Blues site that is Gospel Blues.  You
can go beyond Honky Tonks and do your blues music
too now.  Visit their site to see the heavy blues gospel
talent at their festival this year.  Great things in BC
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Gospel Music, Testimony & Feedback:

From: your host
I went down the road, not the
crossroads, but the road to
the cross, got down on my
knees & prayed:  mike dollins
* * * * * *
From: Ted Thorsen,
Little Rock AR
I'm a very grateful,
born-again Christian who
loves Gospel
Music...especially Black
Gospel Music with an R&B
and/or Funk back beat to it.  
I'm currently in the process
of re-writing an old Delbert
McClinton R&B Classic
"Standin' On Shaky Ground".
 My cover of this song will
give testimony to my
Salvation and what Christ
has done for me.  It is my
prayer - hope- desire that
God helps me to assemble the
resources,  etc. Necessary to
carry out and complete this
"Labor of Love".  I play drums
and sing melody.  If anyone is
interested in becoming
involved, please contact me
via email.  I'd be amiss if I
didn't say that I only want to
do this project to glorify my
Lord and Saviour
JesusChrist.  I have no other
motive for wanting to do this.
Teddy B.
From: Glen Warner,
Sardis,BC Canada
Thanks for the feed back. It really is an encouragement
for us. Hope to see you here next year.

Sharing in Christs Service
Glen Warner
Gospel Blues Productions
GOSPEL = Defined by John 3:16 in any bible handy.
Today's Sermon:  Find Jimmy Smith's, "The Sermon" as you listen to this ultimate blues organ groove,   
think about that most legendary blues and jazz folks have a Baptist or Pentecostal background beginning.   Read
John 3:16, and be grateful and thankful for each day you wake, arise and live with hope for an ever after more.
Jimmy Smith
Eddie Newman -Bass
Pastor Edwards - Vocal
Deacon Phillips - Vocal
Carl Overstreet - Vocal
Marty Martinez
- Drums
Mike Dollins - Guitar
The Brothers of Praise
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Keithon Carrol


Kevin McPeak
Jesus, You've Been Good To Me
Brothers Of Praise, 2000
The Lord Will Make A Way
Praise The Lord
Desmond Dekker
1942 to 2006
For folks new to Gospel these are some great starter CD's to find, buy & listen.  For your old timers, support Gospel and buy a CD.
Hey Mike,
Excellent site! Let me know if you’d like to send us
some of your music for airplay.
John Penrice