Check out our good buddy Joe Pitts.
Queen of Arkansas Blues
Liz Lottmann
Len Rainey
Pat Graham's Blues Highway, heard in the
greater Los Angeles, CA area is one of our tops
all time favorite blues radio programs.  Thank
you Pat for all you do, and playng our CD.
Charlotte Taylor
Little Rock, AR
Blues Guitar News read by
59,416 Blues Fans around
the world.  Mother of all Blues
Sites ever.
Michele Lundeen
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Mike                        Mike                 Joe
Albert King
Osceola, Arkansas
Al Bell - Soulsville Pres,
Little Rock, Arkansas
Sunshine Sonny Payne
KFFA King Biscut Arkansas
Jake Lee
Dallas, Texas
Bobby Bland
Albert                               Mike               
Mike                        Al               
Sonny                              Mike               
Mike                        Bobby Bland    
Mike's playing is hotter than
peppered puddin'
Mike: Excellent blues guitar,
much respect for your music.
Mike: It is a pleasure to listen
to your music.
Johnny Mannion
Blues Guitar
Anyone not familiar with Mike's
music, listen and learn!
Mike: Sounding soulful
Mike: Keep playing that
great guitar music.
Mike: Great music, you
got the feel.
Mike: Killer Blues, hot guitar
Mike: Fine Blues Guitar
Spoken "Hooked"
Mike: I like the way you lay
it down.   
Mike: Great Blues Guitar
Mike: Great to hear
someone who obviously
knows his stuff.
Mike: Great vibe to
your music.
Mike: Play it as it is brother.  
Mike: Some serious
Mike: Cool tunes.
Mike: Great Guitarmanship.
Mike:  Love the jukebox
homes !!! greasy greasy
super greasy. the only
way to get that old joint
sound is to have been
there. all day. you got it
goin' on. ha !  Right on.
con mucho respeto
Mike: My kind of stuff brother.
Mike: I like it. You have a
real soulful sound.
Mike: I really dig your
Mike: Great guitar riffs.
Mike: You are great.  
Mike: Your blues is great.
Mike: You sound great.
Mike: Nice Sound.
Mike: I dig your tunes.
Mike: Mighty smooth sound.
Mike: I will keep on sharing
your amazing music.  
Mike: Nice grooves, keep
up the good work.
Mike: Oooh yeah, Like
your stuff.  
Mike: I dig your tunes.
Mike: Great sound.
Mike: Great Sound !
Mike: Great sound, nice
Mike: Dude, love your
Mike: Great sounding
Mike: Sounding great
Mike:  I like your sound.
Mike:  Killer sound.
Mike: Love it, Killer.
Mike: Good Music.
Mike: Love your music.
Mike: Your tunes sound
Mike: Love that clean
sound brother.
Mike: Very tasteful playing,
you've got the touch from
your soul.  
Mike: Great tone on that
Mike: Great playing, and
Mike: Hey man, sounds
Mike: Rockin sound,
love to hear you play.  
Mike: Keeping that blues
alive, real cool man.  
Mike: Wooowee baby!
Rip that Mesa Boogie.
Mike:  I'm diggin it brotha!
We gots to jam.
Mike:  Teach the youngins
about the blues man! Great
Chops Brutha! Keep it
Mike: Your style/sound is
exact what I love to hear
from an electric - blues -
guitar, GREAT
Mike: Kool tunes
Mike:  You have a great
Mike: Awesome tunes!!!
Really great!
Mike:  If you come to LA,
stop by our jam.  
Mike:  You're a good
picker. Like your sound.
Mike:  Great Sounds.
Yo Dr. Guitar,
wanted to thank you for the
jamming CD that arrived in my
mailbox today. looking forward
to rocking out to it in the
morning. keep up the great work
out there! your ol pal, Chet
Mike: Keep up the great
Mike:  Tasty tone and
Mike: What a good Blues !  
Your guitar player
style...and your Blues
singer voice !!!
Mike: Love the tracks you
have!!! Great playing
Mike: You sound great!
Keep kickin it!
Mike: I enjoyed listening to
your songs ... very tasty
playing !!!
Mike: Love the music.
Mike: Some mighty fine
playin there my friend!
Mike: Diggin them blues! i
feel like i am right there
playing along with ya!
Mike: Really good blues man.
Mike: You got some
mighty sweet sounds
Mike: Play that blues guitar
brother, keep it nice n'
Mike: You got some
great sounds.
Mike: That's some kick
ass tunes ya got there!!
"Play dat BLUES music
white boy!!" Play it! Play
it! Play it!!!....and then
play it some more!!!
Mike: The music
sounds great!
Mike: Great sound
you've got. I really
liked all the tunes
Mike: Nice and Clean
and oh So Mean!
Mike: "Here's a cat
who's done his
homework.  Great tone
and playing
Mike: You are the best,
your playing is beautiful
and unique
Mike: Great tones and
Mike: Dripping with
feel and soul bro!
Mike:  You got some
Sweet Sounds Dude!
Mike: Love your style.
Mike: Great blues
guitar bro.
Mike: Really like your
Mike:  Your music
sounds great.
Mike: Man... That guitar
is smokin!
Mike: That guitar is
smokin. I love the blues.
Mike:  Hey, I dig your
style!! Great .
Mike: What a great
Mike: Cool tunes, great
Mike: Good sounds
man. Love those blues.
Mike: Great music!
Mike:  Excellent blues.
Mike: Great guitar
playing, cool vibrato.
Mike: Great
the guitar tone.
Mike: Dropping by to
listen to your great blues
Mike: Love your style,
Man. Magic fingers,
lots of soul,
Mike:  I just love your
playing! Keep up that
Mike: I love that Blues!
Mike: Nice guitar and
nice sound!!!
Mike: Very cool sounds!!
Mike: Sounds really good.
Mike: Man oh man, you
really play those blues
Mike: That's some really sweet
blues guitar you're playing there
Mike: Just dropping by to
say hi, and listen again to
'Teaser' - great playing and
what a feel!!!...
Mike: You were born with
it mate.  
Mike:  I like your style--very
crisp! Jam on, bro!
Listening to your stuff
here, it's really good
very accessable and
pleasing to the ear.
Great music Mike.
You've got feel in your
playing and your voice.
Love it!
Hello bro, you are
really keeping the
good old blues alive!
Hello bro, you are
really keeping the
good old blues alive!
Mike: Your blues tunes
are really great. Love
your expressive voice.
Mike: great music....
keep on with the blues.
From the Blues Delta Motherland in
Arkansas USA, come on back and sit
a spell.  Take your shoes off, and
let's eat some Ribs, Black Eyed Peas,
Turnip Greens, Cornbread and jam
some blues after supper.  Take care
ya' all, come on back soon.  Tell your
friends now, hear?
Joe Pitts Band
This is a guitar player appreciation page:  These folks took the time to listen to my
blues guitar, add a nice comment on MySpace Music, and weren't so caught up with
their own self so much, as to share their thoughts about my blues.  Now how cool is
that?  This is my wall of honor page to let you go discover these folks, as you can't
get more real than this, and they are all worthy of listening to their music.   You
know the most humble, and wise musician I ever got to sit and talk to in my entire
life was BB King, and he showed me respect as a fan years ago sitting in his
penthouse in Las Vegas.   That taught me something.  You know, no matter who we
think we are, it is what others think we are.  
Sakura Japanese
Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
As seen and heard on
Pat Lynch Radio,
Good Morning
Arkansas ABC KATV
ch 7, and KLBC Long
Beach, California
Texas Jake
Essie Neal
Blues Radio Wall of Fame
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Our blues friend, Bernie Pearl, LA, CA
Len Rainey
Hairy Larry
Janiva Magness
Mike in 2000 with Bobby Bland
2007 with Sonny Payne
King Biscuit KFFA Radio
1987 Mike with Albert King
2007 with Al Bell, Pres
of Stax/Volt Records
Michael Burks, Mike & Joe Pitts
Arkansas Blues Guitar Pickers
Mike with Liz Lottmann
& Ocie Fisher
Chris Cain: Thanks for
keeping us listed on your site.
Anna Marie
Mike with
Essie The Blues Lady
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Mike with Deb & Babs, AR Blues Ladies
Hot Springs Music -
Vintage Guitars
Gary Hucthisen - Oreo Blue
Mike uses Geezer
Sound Company
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Mike with Blues Legend
John JC Craig
Mike: Very cool playing.
Mike: Awesome music
Mike: Wish you were
here in my neck 'o the
woods, it'd be such a
buzz!! Your playing
simply blows me away -
we could have an
Mike: I really enjoy  your
Mike: You rock!
Your sound is good.
Mike: You are keepin' it
Mike: Cool stuff! An
inspiration to me.
Mike: Great stuff you
Mike:  Luv'n it!....just a
great Feelin'
Mike: I listened to your
music man and you are
Mike:  Great tone and
Mike:  Great music man!
Mike plays leads like Freddy,
Albert & BB King, and chords like
Wes Montgomery & Kenny Burrell
Cecil Parker
Tim Lee Cash
Temecula, California
Ted Thorsen
Little Rock, AR
Mack Shafer
New Mexico
Pat Bergin
Wash. DC