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Contact Information:  mike@mikedollins.biz   or 501-658-0385
Welcome to the Mike Dollins Blues Band web site. Mike
picked the guitar up in 1958 at 13 years old, formed his
first band in 1959, and has maintained some sort of
band his whole life. Check out the Band History tab to
visit the decades of bands, with a primary focus on
Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk & some Jazz.  Our Press Kit tab
will provide you extensive credits, and quotes from music
industry leaders & notables.  Please visit the pages on
the Mike Dollins Blues Band site - a wealth of worldwide
blues information.  
Thank you, and keep on jammin' them blues.
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From the Arkansas Bayou & Delta, along the Arkansas
and Mississippi Rivers USA.  Band for Hire - just contact
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As seen on ABC TV, Ch 7 Little Rock,
Good Morning Arkansas
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Check out Mike's favorite all time blues
and R&B songs, by the orignial blues masters:
Mike Dollins Blues Band
MDB 2016 CD Release, Number one Song
Featuring Len Rainey on vocals playing now.
M D B - E n d o r s e m e n t s  &  B u d d i e s
Voted Best Original CD for Little Rock, AR; International Blues Challenge 2009
Mike Dollins Band New 2016 CD Release. Hear
the #1 Song, above from the album.

CD's available & on sale.  
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              SONG TITLES
1. Be Your Man - Len Rainey, vocal
2. Real Deal - Mike, vocal
3. You’re A Teaser - Mike, vocal
4. Take Care Of Your Man - Ed Bowman, vocal
5. Love My Baby - Len Rainey, vocal
6. Loving You Is Easy - Mike Fraz, vocal
7. Looking For My Baby - Victor Marquez, vocal
8. Strange Things - Mike, vocal
9. Red Dress - Mike, vocal
10. All Blue Miles - Instrumental
11. Leaving Chicago - Mike, vocal
12. Welcome Home Baby, Victor Marquez, vocal
13. Help Me Sing My Song - Mike, vocal
14. Freddy King Medley - Instrumental
15. Diamonds & Gold - Mike, vocal
16. Funky Flash Back - Instrumental
17. Let Me Take You There - Mike, vocal
18. Vamping Saturday Night - Instrumental

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Blues For A Cause
A Helping Hand was organized
with a stated purpose which is to:

Help folks pay their medical bills,
or other health related costs,
when times are really tough, with
funds raised from Blues Benefits
& Music Festivals.
Two new CD Releases, by two of my blues buddies.  Victor Marquez & I go
way back to High School, and played many decades on the West Coast.  Eb
Davis, is my FaceBook blues buddy, as we met before FaceBook, and
continue our friendship in the social network setting.  Both dedicated R&B,
Blues and Boogie artists, click their photos, and you'll find their info.
We Play Both Kinds of Music
Rhythm & Blues
Mike Dollins Band
Home to:
Since 1988
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guitar and music journey around the world. Thank
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Mike Dollins Band CD Footnotes:
This latest, and possibly the last ever Mike Dollins
Band CD, was a composite from several recording
sessions over the years. Some released previously,
but re-mastered, and some new cuts recorded in Joe &
Rhonda Pitts’ Studio.  Here is a list of the musicians
that partook in this endeavor.  Thank you all.  

First, I have to recognize two musicians that we lost,
and passed away since this project started.  Brad
Messer - Drums, and "Chicago" Bob Lowther -
Keyboards.  We miss you my musical brothers, and
your contributions to this CD are highly respected.

Victor Marquez - Guitar & Vocals.  
Len Rainey - Bass & Vocals.  
Mike Fraz - Keyboads & Vocals.  
Ed Bowman - Vocals.  
Roy Enjambre - Drums & Bass.  
Dominic Enjambre - Keyboards.  
Tony Matoian - Saxaphone.
Gudio Ciardetti - Bass.
Mike Dollins - Talent Scout.
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On www.facebook.com/Spa-City-Blues-Society
The Esquires: First band was with Keith, and Robin Welch in 1960.
The Caravans: Larry Cox - Bass, Tony Cook -Trumpet, Skip
Young-Drums, Singer unknown, Mike & Rick Matanane. 1961 - 1963
The Fabulous Jades: Leroy Johnson - piano & vocal.  TC Webb - sax &
vocal,  Nevilles - drums, Mike &  Big John Johnson - Bass 1964 - 66
Blues Legend Big Daddy Rucker, along with Bruce Norton - drums, Joel
Partovich - bass, Joe Natheson - keyboard & Mike - guitar.  1969 - 70
Hard Times Blues Band:  Tom Netherland, Connie Mack
Shaffer, Victor Marquez & Mike on LP.  1972 - 75
Cruizin' R&B Band: The late Tom Sesma, Sax.  Jim Pena,
Drums.  Linda Marquez, vocal, Victor Marquez, guitar & vocal.  
Manny Lopez & Mike with  old Tele.    1978 - 1986
Driven Wheel Blues Band:  Mike, Scott, David & Victor Marquez  
1987 - 1988
GOSPEL:  From 1991 to 1997  The Mighty Wings of Faith and photo
The Brothers of Praise: Eddie Newman -Bass, Pastor Edwards -
Vocal, Deacon Phillips - Vocal,
Carl Overstreet - Vocal, Marty Martinez -
Drums, Mike Dollins - Guitar
Red O'Conner Band: Red on sax. From 1963 to 1964
N'Specshuns R&B:  Mike, Roy Enjambre - Drums, Linda Negrete -
Keys & Vocal, Eddie Newman - Bass & Vocal 1997 - 2003
Cruize Brothers: Mike on Gibson,  Dominic Enjambre - keys,
Roy Enjambre - bass,Roy Enjambre Jr. - drums, Victor Marquez -
Strat,  Tony Matoian, sax.  1999 - 2002
Cruize Brothers: Mike on Tele, Victor Marquez - Strat, Roy
Enjambre - drums,  Tony Matoian - sax, Len Rainey - bass,
Dominic Enjambre - keys.  2002 - 2005
Photo History
Band History 1960 - 2016
Mike & his son, Clay Dollins
guitars   50% OFF or More!
Ozark Blues Society Festival 2007: Mike, Liz Lottman
& Ocie Fisher, Fayetteville, Arkansas at
Georges Majestic Lounge.
The Big Blue Cats, Little Rock, AR
Delta Boogie Blues Fest, May 2007
Ben Brenner, Mark Dixson, Mike Dollins & Ted Thorsen
Steve Giles, David Wollard, John Thaden, Greg Jones, Bill
McCumber and Ginny Becton 2008
Len Rainy Bass, David Bishop Drums, Mike & Joe Guitars 2008
Guido Ciardetti - Bass, Brad Messer - Drums, Mike - Guitar 2008 - 2012
Mike "Whiskerfish" Dollins & The Big Blue Cats 2006
L to R: Ben Brenner, Mark Dixson, Ted Thorsen & Whiskerfish.
Cruize Brothers Band 2012 - 2013
Mz Su Mac